Fashion and Socialism Don’t Mix The color beige is one of the biggest runway trends of 2019. Other trends include neon and animal print. Imagine if beige clothing was your only choice. And it’s not coming from the runways of Paris. Fashion and socialism cannot coexist...

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Speaker of The House Parody of “Master of the House” from Les Miserables Welcome, my friend, sit yourself down And meet the most corrupt woman in town As for the Dems, all of us crooks Spitting on constituents and cooking the books Seldom do you see Women as old as me...

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6 Times Seinfeld predicted 2019 politics 1. The Cigar Store Indian: Season 5, Episode 10 Jerry is left wondering, “when did everybody get so sensitive,” and gets a taste of PC culture when he offends Native American, Winona, by presenting her with a cigar store...

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