6 Times Seinfeld predicted 2019 politics

1. The Cigar Store Indian: Season 5, Episode 10
Jerry is left wondering, “when did everybody get so sensitive,” and gets a taste of PC culture when he offends Native American, Winona, by presenting her with a cigar store Indian, and the Chinese mailman when he asks which way is the closest Chinese restaurant. He points out that, as a Jew, he wouldn’t get offended if someone asks which way is Israel. And this was 1993 before people were trying to convince us there are over 100 different genders!

2. The Couch- Season 6, Episode 5
Elaine originates cancel culture when she starts a walkout of Poppie’s restaurant after learning he is pro-life.

3. The Race- Season 6, Episode 10
While working as a department store Santa, Kramer attempts to indoctrinate a child asking for a toy for Christmas about Communist beliefs.

4. The Cadillac- Season 7, episode 14/15
Morty Seinfeld is accused of embezzling funds from the condo board and is impeached as president during a hearing where no evidence is presented. Sound familiar?

5. The English Patient- Season 8, Episode 17
80-year-old Izzy Mandelbaum challenges Jerry to a fitness competition to prove he is better than Jerry and winds up throwing out his back. Sounds like “no malarkey” to me.

6. The Yada Yada – Season 8, Episode 19
George’s girlfriend, Marcy, is the epitome of Fake News when she “yada yada yada’s” over the facts of a story.