Why are fashion influencers popping up all over Cannes? By definition, tradition, and common sense, a film festival is for celebrating movies. Of course, major fashion houses have long taken the opportunity to dress film stars for the Cannes red carpets. But how can they justify flying out and dressing influencers? The influencers aren’t invited to the movie premiers, so fashion houses are hosting their own dinners and events and inviting influencers they dressed head to toe to create Instagrammable moments. Don’t we get enough of this during fashion month? And quite frankly, I am still visually recovering from the barrage of Coachella posts. There is such an oversaturation of forced fashion content, it’s becoming cheap and just plain obnoxious. I wish someone would tell these brands they don’t have to host a dinner for every awards show and event on the planet. Let’s reserve the red carpet for the actual film stars who are members of the juries or have movies premiering at the festival. Leave the Instagram “stars” and models home. I promise there will be many more appropriate occasions for influencers to promote your newest lipstick or handbag.