What Her Engagement Ring Stone Shape Says About Her Bedroom Behavior:

Round: Don’t be fooled by the classic and timeless shape of a round diamond. Girls with round stones are freaks in the bedroom and willing to try anything. It’s always the quiet ones.

Princess: This girl only does it missionary style and don’t even bother asking for a BJ. She’s a square, just like her ring shape.

Emerald: This chick wears a nightgown and sleep mask to bed and wakes up early to do her makeup before her man gets up. She will dutifully fulfill her marital obligations.

Cushion: Enjoys her lingerie and definitely owns a pair of crotchless panties.

Pear: She’s got major body issues and the ring to match. Only does it with the lights off. Fat bottom girls you make the rockin world go round.

Oval: She’s trendy and reads Cosmo so she knows how to please herself.

Marquise: Well versed in the kama sutra.

Heart: The woman with a heart shaped stone will have sex solely for the purpose of procreating and possibly once a year on his birthday.

**not based on actual fact